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We recommend Private Lessons if you and your dog are experiencing any of the problem behaviors below. Please register for a private lesson as these are not addressed in most group classes. Some of the problem behaviors we work with include:

  • Aggressive behavior towards people (including strangers, visitors to the home, family members, infants, and children)
  • Fighting with other dogs who live in the same home
  • Reactivity towards other dogs while leashed
  • Anxiety and fear, including separation anxiety and phobias
  • Nuisance barking

    Note: We do have one group class for dogs that are reactive towards people or dogs but have not bitten; if this description fits your dog, the Reactive Rover class may be an option for you. Learn more about this class or Register Now!

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Group Lessons

We highly recommend taking a group class with your dog if you can commit to the time and your schedule permits! It’s a great way to get your dog out and about, around other dogs and people, and to practice around distractions in a controlled environment. However, if you can’t make a group class, we also offer private lessons and other training programs as well.

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