Board & Train Programs

Enjoy your trip. Return to a well-trained pup.

Who cares for your pet while you travel?

At the Wag it Better facility, your pup spends its days playing with fellow canines, under the watchful and careful eye of Heather Moore. Heather has over 20 years of dog-training experience, and a lifelong love for your family pup.

Come home to a happy pup with better manners!

If you opt for the Camp Wag program, your pup will be trained while you’re away by Heather Moore, on-site at the boarding facility. With specific, targeted training, your dog will develop perfect manners while you travel, and you can return home to a model canine citizen.

Board & Train

1 week/$1800

2 weeks/$3000

While you’re away, Heather Moore will work with your fur baby to master the following skills: crate training, house training, manners, basic commands, advanced commands.

Puppy Paws and Senior Canine Citizens All Welcome

At Wag it Better, all pups are welcome— as long as they’re fully vaccinated for their age and health. We can accommodate furry friends of all ages, and most levels of socialization.

Puppy Social Club

While your pup stays with us, s/he will have the chance to play with fellow dogs staying at the Wag it Better facility. If your pup is nervous around other dogs, don’t count us out! Mention that in your Camp Wag application and we’ll sort out the best way to keep your pup safe and comfortable during his time with us.

Please note: Dogs with aggression issues can be assessed and worked with before they attend Board & Train program, but dogs with aggression issues that have not been addressed won’t be eligible for Board & Train without that assessment first. We’re here to work with you and help your pup feel better— book a Private 1:1 Training session to address any aggression first!