December Workshops

December Workshops

Loose Leash Walking
Dec 8th 5pm and 7pm.    $49
Cathy Johnson
Is your dog dragging you down the street? Do you want to enjoy your walk with your dog? Learn several ways to make walking with your dog a fun and pleasurable experience for both of you. This is a one time workshop for you and your dog in a small class setting.
So You’re Getting A Puppy!
Dec 8th 6pm-7pm     $49
Cathy Johnson

So you’re getting a puppy……. Are you excited about getting a puppy? Are you asking yourself what do I need? How can I be prepared? We’ll show you how to set up for success when bringing your new puppy home and answer all of your questions so you are ready and start with success. No puppies, people only please for this workshop.

Husbandry and Animal Handling 
Dec 11th at 4:00pm-6:00pm    $59 

Kat Rogers

Does your pup run from the nail clippers, hide when it’s bath time, or growl when it’s time to get brushed? In our Husbandry and Animal Handling workshop we will be discussing desensitizing your dog to things like nail trims, bathing, brushing, eye drops, and ear cleaning. We will teach you how to make those dreaded nail trims your dog’s favorite activity! This workshop is for people only, no dogs.
Communication Through Buttons
December 16th at 6:00-7:30.    $59
Kat Rogers
Ever get the feeling your dog is trying to tell you something, but you’re just not getting it? Alternatively, does your dog try to communicate with you by barking, pawing, or jumping? If so, you may consider teaching your dog to speak using buttons! In our Communication Through Buttons workshop we will discuss everything that you need to know to get your pup using buttons to say words like “Play”, “Water”, “Toy”, “Help”, and more! This workshop is for people only, no dogs.
The Nose Knows
Dec 18th 6pm-7pm.    $49
Mo Vashel
A dog’s nose plays a critical role in the way they engage with everything around them. It is their control center and they use it in more ways than you can possibly imagine! Come learn how to tap into your dog’s special senses and get a better understand of how they use their nose to navigate their world.
Nose work classes are starting in 2022! This workshop is for people only, no dogs.
Enrichment- Mental and Physical
Dec 13th 4pm and 5:15pm      $49
Heather Reineke
Have a dog that is always barking at the window, chasing the cat, chewing your furniture or begging for attention? These can be signs of a bored pup! Learn how to use enrichment and exercise to satisfy your pups mental and physical needs, along with improving their quality of life! Let us show you how to physically and mentally exercise your pup in a way that is fun for both of you! This workshop is for people only, no dogs.

Enrichment for the Whole Dog Workshop

Dec 14th 6pm-7:30pm      $59

Erica Marshall

Learn how you can enrich your dog’s life, as well as curb behavior issues, in this one hour workshop. We will go over all the different forms of enrichment for your dogs with demonstrations of games and products that can help your dog have a fuller life with you. This workshop is for people only, no dogs.

How to Know What Your Dog Is Thinking
Dec 15th 6pm-7:30pm    $59
Heather Moore
Learn about your dog’s body language so you can easily read what they are thinking. Are they happy or stressed? Does your dog really like your mother-in-law? Do they think going to the park is fun or are they a bit scared? Once you can read their body language, you will easily be able to know if your dog is comfortable with people and in different situations. This workshop is for people only, no dogs.
Potty Training in 5 Fast Steps
Dec 9th    6pm-7:30pm      $59
Heather Moore
Are you struggling with housetraining? Do you have a new puppy and want to start out on the right foot with housetraining? Join me and I will be giving you 5 steps to easily train your pup to potty outside! This workshop is for people only, no dogs.
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