Sit and Play Program

Puppy School for Ages 8wks – 6months

$600/month for 2 days a week 7am-5pm

Sit & Play Puppy School is a learning immersion program. Your puppy will work on vital early socialization skills, crate training, potty training, attention skills, coming when called foundations, leash skills foundations and so much more. Trainers appropriately address teething/chewing/biting that comes with puppyhood. The environment will be set up to allow your puppy to explore and play with other puppies, humans and novel equipment. Puppies will be exposed to sounds like thunderstorms and fireworks, strange objects like vacuum cleaners and walkers. All of this will give your puppy the skills he needs to interact with the world around him in a happy and healthy way. We will also keep your puppy on a schedule to succeed with house training.

A daily schedule sample:

  • 7-9 am drop off time, social play/potty breaks
  • 9-10 am Quiet crate rest with chew bone
  • 10-12 potty break/novel object exploration/training sessions/lunch
  • 12-1 crate nap time
  • 1-3 pm potty break/Body handling, focus games/mental stimulation games
  • 3-5 potty breaks/social play/ pick up time