Puppy Socials

Socialization is an important part of puppyhood.

$20 per session

Puppy social class is determined by the age of your puppy. These classes are attended with owner present. Beginning level skills, body language, and enrichment ideas will be discussed with the trainer as your puppies play together. This class is centered around socialization, both with other puppies and people. We will also expose your pup to new environmental stimuli. Puppies can attend up to 4 times per age group.
Puppy Social
Stage 1- 10 weeks-16 weeks
Stage 2- 14 weeks-20 weeks
Stage 3- 5-6 months old
Toy Social- For small breeds 16 lbs and under
*must be good with other dogs in a social setting
All pups participating must be up to date on shots for puppy’s age! Shot records will be checked (no exceptions) before entering for the safety of your pup and others.