If you’ve ever felt that knot in your stomach as your dog takes off towards objects or animals, Un-Chase!® is for you.

Using positive reinforcement-based methods, dogs are taught self-control around chase triggers, as well as alternative behaviors to keep them (and those around them) safe. The Un-Chase!® program provides a clear, simple, and step-by-step process to tackle chase behavior, suitable for all ages and breeds. If you’ve heard ‘you can’t keep a dog from chasing’, we can’t wait to surprise you.
On Thursday evening, we’ll start by teaching an emergency recall in case you and your dog are surprised. Friday morning, we’ll focus on cars to skateboards so that you can walk your dog calmly down any street or trail. Friday afternoon we will work with your dog with the UnChase™ Snakes Workshop — teach our dogs to come back to us if they smell or see a snake. On Saturday there will be a morning and afternoon class focused on what to do if your dog chases domestic animals like chickens, and wildlife like fox and deer. This will be a wonderful weekend full of training skills.

Susan Marett with Purely Postive Dog Training, Charleston, SC will be presenting this workshop the weekend of Jan 25-27th.

Learn more about Susan- https://www.purelypositive.com/about/

Workshops are $125/workshop or you can take all 4 for $450.