Puppy Preschool

Virtual Classes

All virtual classes are held through zoom.com You can access this through a laptop, personal computer, ipad, or ipod. If you have a smartphone, you can download a free app. We will email out a link for class each week. It’s easy to access, as simple as clicking on our meeting link. When you join, you will have the option to use your camera so we can see how you and your dog are doing. You will also be able to chat using your microphone or type a message in the chat bubble. Options to mute and not use your camera are also there, although we encourage you to participate using your camera! Each class will be recorded and sent to you via email after the class. Classes are 45-50 minutes long.

Virtual classes listed below are only offered during government shut down! We do offer any of our Kinderpuppy Classes or Just the Basics classes virtually at any time. Please check our class calendar and choose what class date you would like to join virtually and email heather@wagitbetter.com with the start date. We will then send you a link to join that class virtually. Virtual classes are $150. At this time, advanced classes are not offered virtually. We can also do a private lesson via zoom for $100. Private lessons last about an hour. 

Puppy Homeschool

This 4 week class teaches you how to begin training your new puppy! We will focus on some foundation skills such as touch, sit, come, go to your bed, and more. We will help you introduce your dog to new sounds without leaving your house. We will help you work on crate training and housetraining and address all the biting and chewing your puppy may be doing! Great for puppies 8 to 12 weeks old.

Class begins April 22nd at 1pm

Cost: $95

Instructor: Cathy Johnson


Trick Training

This 4 week class will teach you how to train your dog to do some new tricks. It’s a great way to bond with your dog and do something a little more relaxed. If you want a therapy dog, or just a dog that will perform when you have friends over, this class will be a great way to teach your dog to entertain. We will teach tricks such as spin, wave, high five, sit pretty, roll over, take a bow, and more!

Class begins April 23rd at 6pm

Cost: $95

Instructor: Heather Moore



This 4 week class focuses on teaching basic commands to your puppy such as sit, down, touch, leave it, come, watch, go to your bed, and more. We will teach you how to get your puppy to listen to you. We will also cover teaching manners and how to greet people properly! It’s a great start while you wait for an in person Kinderpuppy class and will prevent bad habits from forming. Great for puppies 12 weeks to 12 months old.

Class begins April 23rd at 7pm

Cost: $95

Instructor: Kat Rogers


Basics Plus

This 4 week virtual class will pick up where your beginning obedience class left off. We will proof stays and learn some more advanced commands and show a few different ways to train your dog! We will even throw in a trick or two each week for something fun to do with your dog. Great for puppies and dogs that have just graduated from Kinderpuppy or Just the Basics classes.

Class begins April 22nd at 6pm

Cost: $95

Instructor: Kat Rogers